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Latest Format for Download File!


Two structure files are now available (Memphis and Houston). The structure for Memphis has changed. The Clientid and the subClientid have both been lengthened from 6 to 12 chars each. Click on the "ATNSTRU.TXT - New Format documentation file. - 11-5-98" links at the bottom of this page.


Here is the latest version of the download file structure. It has been in production for about 6 weeks and we do not anticipate any changes at this point. You can download an updated copy of the structure layout file by clicking on the "ATNSTRU.DAT - New Format documentation file. - 6-9-98" link at the bottom of this page.


A field has been added to the new download file format. The new field is called "DOT Flag". It is a 1 byte field inserted in the Order Record. If this field is set to "Y" then the test is a DOT test. Any other value denotes a non-DOT test. This field has been inserted between the "Test Panel" field and the "Result Table" array.


As the new Chemware lims system is being implemented, we are taking this opportunity to enhance the file structure of the data file that is downloaded through ATN Vision. The old structure consisted of one line (record) per sample reported. This was a fixed length record which limited the amount and breadth of data that could be delivered.

 The new format utilizes multiple records per sample. Each record falls into a category. For example, one category is the header record another is the test detail record. While there will be only one header record per sample, there will be a test detail record for every drug resulted. The categories are documented in the new ATNSTRU.DAT file.

 The new format for download files from ATN is presented here for downloading. Estimated cutover date for the new format is 3-10-98. Clients with existing accounts under ATN Vision will be contacted directly as well.

1. View ATNSTRU.TXT / MEMPHIS - New Format documentation file.

2. Download ATNSTRU.DAT / MEMPHIS - New Format documentation file.

3. View ATNSTRU.TXT / HOUSTON - New Format documentation file.

4. Download ATNSTRU.DAT / HOUSTON - New Format documentation file.


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