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05-05-99 New Version Released (4.00), Y2K compatible!
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11-5-98 File Format Modified! Details in Latest News!

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ATN Vision      ATN Remote

ATN Vision is the database program that has lookup capabilities as well as a variety of print routines. Print routines include Print all new tests, Print Summaries, Print by Clientid, Print by Specid, Print by Date. We have included links to screen shots of the program below.

ATN Remote is a remote client that will dial into ATN Labs and download data file(s). Once the data is downloaded, it is then imported into ATN Visions database. You can choose to have Remote print the data after it has imported it or wait and print it from ATN Vision. ATN Remote also includes an auto schedule function that allows you to preset dial in times up to 5 times a day for each day of the week.

The ATN Structure file (ATNSTRU.DAT) is a flat text file that contains the structure for the data file that ATN Host downloads.

The update consists of a self extracting zip files. Download the zip file for the program you choose. Copy the file to a temp subdirectory, then run the file. It will extract itself and you will then be able to run the setup file.

Download Files

  • ATN VISION - Self Extracting setup program for ATN Vision.
  • ATN REMOTE - Self Extracting setup program for ATN Remote.

  • ATN Converter - Converts old ATN Databases to Ver 4.0


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