Hi Everyone,

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Cuchara Ski Trip as much as we did. It always makes it a special time when good friends and family join us. I think the lodging was some of the best we have had. While the skiing area was smaller than we're used to, not having to wait in lift lines was a real treat.

It was great to see all the improvement in skiing. Congrats to Debbie, Mamie and Phillip on your first blue slopes. Course that green run that comes from the top of the mountain is challenging and long in itself! Next year - Swishing! We welcomed Janet on her first trip and are happy to hear she wants to go again! Watch out, she'll be speeding past everyone soon.

While Jim was showing us what experience brings, Larry, Jesus, Mandy (No Fear), Katy (Black Widow) and I practiced Swishing, sliding sideways down blues covered with ice, and making "NO STOP" runs under the lift!

But the one you really have to watch is Amy! She took to it like a duck to water! Wouldn't be surprised to see her doing moguls soon. Hehehehe

This year we award our first Purple Heart. When the ski patrol takes your skis away, you get a purple heart whether you bled or not. :) While Katy got to ski for only a day and a half, I felt she showed great character and sporting attitude. Course Katy had a thing going with the mountain and trees from the first day we got there. By the time her skis were pulled, she had skied off the mountain (TWICE!), and had more than a couple of trees shaking in its roots at her speedy approach to its immediate vicinity. I am happy to report that Katy is fine and none the worse for wear.


Remember this?

* Early Morning, smell of coffee and sound of conversation and laughs.

* Everyone but Amy having a headache the first morning. (It's the altitude!)

* The Olympics opening ceremony? Pool anyone? Amazing Grace in A, E and C?

* That feeling you get when you put your skis on the first day wondering if you will remember what you learned last year!

* Wondering if you could actually get out of bed? (gotta be the altitude)

* Beautiful white trees standing straight and bare on snow covered ground.

* Looking over the lip of a steep run?

* Dry noses and throats (definitely the altitude)

* Logs too big to build a fire with.

* Great meals and all the snacks you could ever want! Chocolate Bananna Drink!

* Best home remedy from Amy - "Here, spread some of this vaseline in your nose! That's it - get your finger in there and spread it all around!" What's really scary is it worked!

* The smell of icy-hot. Or in Mandy's case - the taste of it - heheheh

* Coming in from skiing, tired and cold and getting that great cup of coffee with liquer!


And of course who can forget that we learned it's ok to Muck About with snakes as long as you're nuts and don't mind crawling in the dirt on your belly!

Thanks again everyone for your great company, we are already looking forward to next year!

Mark and Debbie



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